Once More, Unismuh Bagged SPADA Awards from LLDIKTI IX

The Institute for Higher Education Service (LLDIKTI) Regional IX reconducted the Socialization and Online Learning System Awards (SPADA Awards) in 2021. Universitas Muhammadiyah (Unismuh) Makassar in this opportunity to dominate the award granted to higher education and lecturers in the online learning implementation in LLDIKTI Regional IX.

Unismuh achieved 4 of the best categories from 5 award categories in higher education in the event held in Claro Hotel, Wednesday (22/12). That four categories included the best online learning system, the best online learning process, the best organizing institution for online learning, and the best content of the online learning nomination award. Unismuh was bagged not only various awards for higher education institutions but also the lecturer’s award. This Muhammadiyah Higher Education institution placed five lecturers from 10 SPADA Award Regional IX award recipients. The honorable five lecturers were Dr Syamsia SP MSi, Dr Ir Nurdin MM, Sri Satriani SPd MPd, Nurdiyanti SPd MPd dan Dr Munirah MPd.

Prof Ambo Asse, the Rector of Unismuh Makassar, explained that the awards resulted from collaboration and synergy of academic civitas. It also showed that Unismuh Makassar always maintains and improves the learning quality, although still in the pandemic. “This achievement comes from synergy, sincere, perseverance, patience, and commitment to innovate, realizing all component of academic civitas development in Unismuh. I hope it can be maintained and developed. I appreciate the achievement we have got,” he said.

Once More, Unismuh Makassar Swept SPADA Awards from LLDIKTI IX

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