Development of UM Enrekang Digital Field School

Universitas Muhammadiyah Enrekang conducted the closing program of Strengthening Local Capacity Of Village and Development of Digital Farmer Field School (DFFS) on Tuesday (23/11). The Enrekang Regent, Muslimin Bando, attended in the Unimen Auditorium. The DFFS was a collaborative program between the Royal of Netherland through Van Hall Larensten, the Enrekang government, and UM Enrekang. The DFFS seminar entitled “The Final and The Future” was funded by Nuffic Neso.

DFFS was also an android-based application that can be installed in tablets to be utilized as the communication media of the farmers and the multisector offices in the local government. The development process involved the Agriculture Office, Animal Farming and Fisheries Office, Environmental Service Office, UM Enrekang, and farmers.

The Development of Digital Field School seminar speakers were varied, including Prof Dr Anita Hardon and Dr Rico Lie from Knowledge, Technology, and Innovation Wageningen University and Research. Afterwards, Dr Bert Melief and Dr Pleun Aresbergen from Van Hall Larenstein, the University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands. In addition, the Indonesian speaker was Dr Drs Yunus Busa MSi.

Also presented in the seminar, the farmer representatives from Masalle district, Aksi Mamile Paruac, as the Chairman of Farmer Group Association Mammesa Butung Sarong village. Then, Faridah was the Chairman of the Female Farmer Group and Agus Salim.

To end the meeting, the Enrekang Regent handed over certificates of DFFS Enrekang participants and provided souvenirs for the best participants in the participation and performance categories. They were Mursalim Bagenda, Sutarjo Barrang, and Sunira Nasrul.

Development of UM Enrekang Digital Field School

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