STIKes Muh Kuningan Students Strengthen Food Security

STIKes Muhammadiyah Kuningan had sent various teams of Student Community Service to their service location. One of the locations is in Randusari. Randusari is located in Cibeureum, Kuningan regency. In this location, STIKes Muh Kuningan students grew the food plant to strengthen food security. By raising the theme “Bunda Menyapa”, growing the food plant started the sequential agendas. In the following days, the program would also invite Kuningan regent, Hj. Ika Purnama.

To grow a food plant by STIKes Muh Kuningan students was conducted on Thursday (07/07). It aimed to support the Family Empowerment and Welfare (PKK) program in Randusari Village. Groups of adult women as PKK members had the intention to use their backyard to grow plants. “The purpose of current activity will influence ‘Bunda Menyapa’ agenda to maintain food security,” said Ika, the Chairwoman of PKK. With food security in each family, the financial productivity in communities also increases. It will provide a new feature in the local development of the Kuningan regency. Therefore, it could provide a positive impact on nature conservation. The student in STIKes Muh Kuningan contributed to the positive program.

Furthermore, Ika appreciated the productivity improvement of the community in growing the food plant. Besides becoming aware of securing food conditions in the family, it could influence town planning. “The communities could be more productive in urban planning, including their house yard and food demand,” he added.

STIKes Muh Kuningan Students Strengthen Food Security

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