UM Bulukumba Cooperates With Bulukumba District Police In The Vaccination

UM Bulukumba collaborated with the District Police (Polres) of Bulukumba to conduct vaccination in the First and Second Campus in UM Bulukumba, Wednesday (22/09). The vaccination process was a national program held concurrently on the fifteen points all over Indonesia, one of them in UM Bulukumba, South Sulawesi.

The program involved several parties, comprised of the district police, higher education institutions, students, Student Executive Board (BEM), and Youth Organizations representatives. The vaccination was freely opened for the public and greeted directly by the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, conducted online centralized in Bogor Agriculture Institute (IPB). The President mentioned the 253,000 vaccines for the program acceleration. ”Currently, the two essential things to conduct were to accelerate the vaccination and the health protocol implementation. I prompted to give vaccines to the public until the last stock to prevent people from the Covid-19 transmission,” Mr. Jokowi said when he greeted all participants and committees of the vaccination program.

The program located in Universitas Muhammadiyah Bulukumba was followed by a broad community, lecturers, college students, and students in Bulukumba Regent with total vaccines of 2000 dosages. Moreover, as a humanitarian act for the Covid-19-affected people, UM Bulukumba provided 1000 packages of groceries. “The vaccination to protect ourselves and our health. The assistance will also support us, the underprivileged people,” Eni, one of the participants, said. The students also enthusiastically followed the vaccination program. They hoped to learn effectively in school again.

UM Bulukumba And Bulukumba District Police Held Vaccination

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