UMSB Trauma Healing Volunteers Serve In Pasaman

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Barat (UMSB) released students who joined Trauma Healing Volunteers on Saturday (12/03). The volunteers would depart on Pasaman and West Pasaman. Thirty-five students divided into five people would be located in Kajai, Malampah, and Timbo Abu. All students who joined the Volunteering Team attended an official procession on the Third Campus UM Sumatera Barat.

In the procession, the Vice-Rector III UM Sumbar, the Dean of Engineering Faculty, the Coordinator of Sumbar Peduli, and the Third Campus academic civitas attended in the courtyard. Previously, the students have received preparation in various materials through Psychosocial training. They would undergo the practice from 12 March to 16 March.

The Vice-Rector III UM Sumbar, Moch Abdi MM, explained that UMSB students should maintain their own health. “Also, you should appropriately behave in the fields. Do not be a burden to be others’ responsibility. It can be managed if you all maintain your conditions,” said Moch Abdi MM, as reported on UM Sumbar site.

Afterwards, Moch Abdi also expected that the trauma healing program, conducted through Volunteer of UM Sumbar Students, could positively impact because it aims to decrease and diminish the trauma from disaster-affected communities. “I hope it will run well,” he hoped.

UMSB Trauma Healing Volunteers Serve In Pasaman

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