IAIM Sinjai Collaborates With IAIN Parepare For Visiting Lecturer

The Postgraduate Program of the Institute for Islamic Studies Muhammadiyah Sinjai (IAIM Sinjai) held the Stadium General of Visiting Lecturer located in the H. M. Amir Sair Auditorium, IAIM SInjai, Sultan Hasanuddin street, Sunday (26/12). The Director of Postgraduate Program of the State Institute for Islamic Studies (IAIN) Parepare, Dr H Mahsyar Idris, MAg, as a visiting lecturer for the Studium General that the Postgraduate students of IAIM Sinjai have attended as participants.

In his materials, the Director of Postgraduate Program IAIN Parepare, H Mahsyar Idris explained the Diversity of Islamic Thought Concept: A Discourse and Solution towards Tatarruf Yamini and Tatarruf Yasari (extremists). Moreover, in front of participants, the Studium General speaker explained the solution diversity of Islamic organization, as in Muhammadiyah has Progressive Islam characteristic, Nahdhatul Ulama as Islam Nusantara, MUI as Islam Wasathiyah (Moderate Islam), and the Indonesian Ministry of Religion as religious moderation.

M Yusran Arifin, one student of IAIM Sinjai, mentioned the visitation of H Mahsyar Idris as the director of the Postgraduate Program of IAIN Parepare to improve knowledge and discourse for the students. “It gives a fresh jolt for the Postgraduate students who miss the academic refreshment that can broaden the horizon and create the growth mindset, especially in the diversity concept in Islamic thoughts,” he said as reported on the official IAIM Sinjai site. He expected the agenda could be routinely scheduled so the Postgraduate students could upgrade their knowledge.

The visitation of the Postgraduate Program of IAIN Parepare to IAI Muhammadiyah Sinjai was a follow-up program of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between both parties in Education, Research, and Community Services.

IAIM Sinjai Collaborates With IAIN Parepare For Visiting Lecturer

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