Unimen Held Baitul Arqam for Lecturers and Staff

Baitul Arqam becomes an Ideological Training routinely conducted for the academic civitas of Muhammadiyah – ‘Aisyiyah Higher Education Institutions (MHEIs). Dr (Cand) Drs Yunus Busa, MSi, the Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Enrekang (Unimen) delivered his material in Baitul Arqam for Unimen lecturer and staff on Saturday-Sunday (11-12/12). Besides internalizing and conceiving Muhammadiyah values and reflection of Muhammadiyah figures’ movement, this training was also a part of contemplation of the academic civitas to organize the mandate in Muhammadiyah services, improve the human resource’s competence, comprehend KH Ahmad Dahlan’s work ethics, and Muhammadiyah culture to be a true spirit of the Muhammadiyah community that always to race in all the good deeds (fastabiqul khairat).

The training was expected to elevate the spirit for disseminating the good deeds and preventing the bad (amar ma’ruf nahi munkar) in Muhammadiyah Higher Education and the da’wa institution center as an essential medium. “Based on the theme ‘to strengthen the Muhammadiyah ideology,’ the academic civitas should align with Muhammadiyah ideals and improve Muhammadiyah service.

The training followed by the lecturers and staff of Unimen portrayed the high excitement from Baitul Arqam participants. It represented the instrument of Muhammadiyah values that are attractive, calming, and comforting. Moreover, the Islamic brotherhood (ukhuwah Islamiyah) could be constructed and exhilarating for the cadres. “Baitul Arqam became a reflection to pursue Muhammadiyah university’s improvement to be better, excellent, and more representing Islamic values,” he said.

Unimen Held Baitul Arqam for Lecturers and Staff

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