UMS Students Won Second Place in International Essays in Health studies

UMS students won second place in the International Essay Writing Competition and Webinar, by theme, “The Role of Student in Facing Work and Innovation during The Pandemic Period,” held by Politeknik Indonusa Surakarta.

The team consisted of Egidia Tiffany, Alfrisa Renuat, and Muhammad Arkan Muhadzib, from two different program studies of Nursing and Communication Studies majors. By “Embracing Stress and Managing Time: Keys to More Productive Student Life during The COVID-19 Pandemic”, Egidia Tiffany, as the team leader, explained that the COVID-19 pandemic was not an obstacle to continuing to excel. “We have to enroot the perception of what the future will be like by participating in this international essay competition,” said the team leader.

Tiffany said the achievements are a mandate and a gift given by God to Muslims. As for Fany, to be productive, she can develop her talents and develop her potential. This activity is more beneficial for the communities. He continued as a student not only studying but also should be able to be useful for others. It can be done in various ways. For example, participating in events, participating in competitions, and so on. “To get achievement, it doesn’t have to be a competition, but it can be in various kinds. The important thing is to follow the activity sincerely,” said Fany, who is also a member of the Outstanding Student Association of UMS. [] Diktilitbang

UMS Students Won Second Place in International Essays in Health studies

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