Unimen Baitul Arqam Strengthening Muhammadiyah Ideology

Universitas Muhammadiyah Enrekang (Unimen) held Baitul Arqom for the leaders and lecturers to strengthen the academic civitas. The agenda was held in Training Center (Pudiklat) Unismuh Makassar, Gowa region, last Saturday (26/6). The agenda themed “Strengthen Muhammadiyah Ideology in Muhammadiyah Higher Education Institutions”. All of Unimen leaders and lecturers attended Baitul Arqam ended last Monday (28/6).

Baitul Arqam is a foster form oriented on the Islamic ideology and leadership, and the Muhammadiyah ideology is targeted at Muhammadiyah campus leaders and lecturers. Muhammadiyah Regional Board of South Sulawesi. Mawardi Pewangi opened the agenda directly in Sang Surya Auditorium, Unismuh Makassar Training Center.

In the opening, the Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Enrekang, Yunus Busa, asked all leaders and lecturers to follow the agenda. “Here, we should focus on getting the benefit, which consists of strengthening Muhammadiyah ideology, synchronizing the perception, the coherence of the vision and mission acts to develop the future Unimen,” he said.

The Rector of Unimen also appreciated the South Sulawesi Muhammadiyah Province Board for managing Baitul Arqam of Unimen leaders and lecturers. “I am grateful and appreciate PWM who share the moment and the opportunity to exchange knowledge,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, in his remarks, South Sulawesi Muhammadiyah Province Board, Ustaz Mawardi Pewangi, emphasized the importance of perceptual union about Muhammadiyah amid the ideological competitions. “This agenda should run intensively because currently, we face huge ideological competitions. Insya Allah, in this agenda, we will discuss the true character of Muhammadiyah,” he explained.

He added, in practicing Muhammadiyah ideology, the cadre should balance between the individual and social holiness (keshalehan) so that Muhammadiyah would be inclusive and accommodative. [] Diktilitbang

Unimen Baitul Arqam Strengthening Muhammadiyah Ideology

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