Mustav&Co, Bio-Leather Owners from UMP, is Ready to Go Global

Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) students invented the innovation of Bio-Leather named “Exotic Leather from Banana Sheath for eco-Friendly Fashion Industry”. Guided by Cremonia Ayu Novitasari, S.T., M.T., the team led by Rizal Fathurahman composed of Melia Nanda Rohyani, Dannia Pramesti Regita Cahyani, Nabila Raychan Samsudin.

The team, familiarly known as Mustav&Co, has developed Bio-Leather from banana sheath fibrils since 2021. After the products have been exhibited in the 2022 Ngapak Festival Banyumas, it was appreciated by various levels of communities, including an exporter from Yogyakarta asking for the product sample to Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab.

“After the NFT event, an exporter called us to design a product sample that would be sent to Dubai,” Rizal said. Bio-Leather from Mustav&Co used banana sheath fibrils in producing the eco-friendly synthetic leather to reduce plastic used from fashion industry waste.

The Head of Student Affairs and Alumni, Efi Miftah Faridli, M.Pd responded positively to the innovative product of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, UMP students. He hoped the product would be a prominent innovation for the export market. “We hope this kind of (innovation) work will be continuously produced by UMP students,” she said. Rizal also wished their product can be developed since his team is ready to go international.

Mustav&Co, Bio-Leather Owners from UMP, is Ready to Go Global

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