Pursuing Hobby In Painting, UMM Student Has Great Achievements

Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) student, Aprilisfiya Handayani, became an inspirational figure who succeeded in proving her perseverance in painting. April, a UMM Accounting student, finally realized her dream that had been dreamed of since childhood to break a record. She conveyed to the Public Relations of UMM that this goal was inspired by the television program, Ripley’s Believe It or Not. The television show demonstrated unique achievements of various international record-breaking. “Since childhood, I intended to be able to break records in the arts. Including as it is now, even though the record-breaking includes many people,” she said. The record April mentioned was the event from Art for The Nation ‘Yayasan Seni untuk Bangsaku’ (YSUB) with the topic “Indonesia Paints 1,000 Faces” held in early November.

April has contributed a lot to art. Her paintings became the top ten in a national event in which the East Java Governor also presented. Apart from that, April’s art works often participate in exhibitions. In fact, April has also won the achievement of being the youngest painter at the 2018 Indonesian Art Fair event. She has also won international achievements by bringing home the Bronze Award in a painting competition at the Jakarta Music Foundation.

Besides painting, this UMM student also started an art gallery business with Prilis Gallery. She hoped that the gallery could become an art appreciation medium for the public to care more about the works of local artists. “I have also received Kemenristekdikti funding and successfully won Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship (KMI) last November,” she said proudly.

Pursuing Hobby In Painting, UMM Student Has Great Achievements

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