In UMM, An Online Motorcycle Taxi Driver Excited to Pursue Higher Degree

“I go to college not only to get a degree but also to gain knowledge as much as possible and to build networking. I intended to study sociology and politics because I want to become a statesman”. That was a statement from Syaiful Muhammad Usman, a Postgraduate student in the Sociology Department of Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) from Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

Apart from being a student, Syaiful also spent his time as an online motorcycle taxi driver. With good time management, Syaiful can manage his time between working and studying. Even though the classes mainly are conducted online, he still manages his time to study. “I work from morning to night. If I had a class to attend, I turned off the application first. After that, I continued to drive again,” he said.

Syaiful admitted that he does not feel inferior about the job he is currently doing. Although many people underestimated him. Being a motorcycle taxi driver provided his daily needs. Syaiful can collect hundreds of thousands in a day. He collected his income to support his daily life and to pay tuition fees. “The important thing is to not be ashamed because the work can generate income and give blessings,” he explained.

Syaiful’s strong determination to continue to a higher level of education brought him to gain a scholarship. “Alhamdulillah, Allah provides ease from an unexpected direction. I received a scholarship from the campus because I have experience in the Muhammadiyah Youth Organization in Kupang. Besides the scholarship from campus, I also get various assistance from BAZNAS, Dompet Dhuafa and LAZISMU,” he said happily.

Syaiful did not want to waste this opportunity. Even though he is quite far from home, his enthusiasm and passion are strong. He is optimistic and his endeavours can become a ladder that will lead him to realize his dreams. Helping people in numerous numbers through his great determination.

Syaiful chose UMM as his university because he admitted that UMM was the right place. “Even though the distance is quite far, the NTT people, especially Muslims, feel proud to study in UMM which has a religious nuance and has a good international reputation,” he said. Besides providing many scholarship opportunities, according to him, the Postgraduate Program at UMM was quite affordable because it could be paid in an instalment method. Furthermore, a lot of cooperative lecturers were one of the varied reasons that made him feel pleasant.

In UMM, An Online Motorcycle Taxi Driver Excited to Pursue Higher Degree

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