STIKes Muh Kuningan Held The 11th Inauguration

STIKes Muh Kuningan (STIKes Muh Ku) conducted the 11th inauguration for the Diploma-III program of Pharmacy located in Horison Hotel by applying a strict health protocol. The inauguration procession was led directly by the Head of STIKes Muh Ku, Apt Wawang Anwarudin, MSc.

On the development, STIKes continued to improve the campus quality by providing the best capital for the students. “STIKes Muh Ku has established various efforts to provide our students to elevate their competitiveness in the working and business world,” the Public Relation of STIKes Muh Kuningan said on Wednesday (10/11). The Chairman of Muhammadiyah Regional Board in Kuningan, Drs Wahid Tbk, MA; the Daily Advisory Board of STIKes Muh Kuningan, Apt Ade Irawan, SSi, Muhammadiyah Council for Higher Education, Research, and Development, Mohammad Adam Jerusalem, MT, PhD; the Institute for Higher Education Service (LLDIKTI) Regional IV West Jawa and Banten, Yayan Mulyana, SE, MM; and the other invited guests.

On the inauguration procession held on Saturday (23/10), STIKes Muh Kuningan released seventy-two graduates from the Diploma-III of Pharmacy program. The graduates originated from several regions in West Jawa, even some of them came from outside of Java islands. Of 72 graduates, the three of them were named as the Best Graduates of the year, namely Nia Nitiariksa, A. Md., Farm with Cumlaude predicate, Hani Fitriyani, A.Md., Farm with Cumlaude predicate, and Elin Handayani, A. Md., Farm with Cumlaude predicate.

STIKes Muh Kuningan Held The 11th Inauguration

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