Dr. Saidul Amin Officially Inaugurates Vice-Rectors of UMRI

The Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Riau (UMRI), Dr. Saidul Amin officially inaugurated three vice-rectors that had been witnessed by the President of Muhammadiyah Central Board, Prof. Haedar Nashir in UMRI Auditorium, Wednesday (25/05). The three Vice-Rectors are Wirdani Irma, Vice-Rector I; Rasyad Zein, Vice-Rector II; and Vice-Rector III, Jufrizal Syahril.

Dr. Saidul Amin expected that new vice-rectors capable of carrying mandates to dedicate their effort, mind, and time to UMRI and Muhammadiyah’s vision and mission for the following years. According to him, the higher education institutions have a strategic role to implement policies and thoughts of the Muhammadiyah Central Board in the grass root and broader communities.

“I try to interpret that higher education institutions are a medium to implement and run the policies and thoughts of Muhammadiyah in the broader communities,” said Saidul. It could be realized by strengthening International partnerships based on the internationalization policy of Muhammadiyah. “As what we have done, UMRI had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Multilinguit school, Thailand. And in the following years, UMRI is also preparing student exchange collaborations with Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand institutions to study in UMRI,” he added.

Prof Haedar Nashir also appreciated UMRI’s achievements for the trust of 12 thousand people in Riau. “We highly appreciate UMRI, to all boards, the Daily Advisory Board, the Rector, and all academic civitas, and Muhammadiyah Province Board of Riau that has built a big campus. We also appreciate the former Rector, Prof Mubarak with 12 thousand students,” Prof Haedar said.

The President of Muhammadiyah Central Board also urged the development of UMRI with a cooperative spirit and a sophisticated system. “The differences in an organization are natural, however, to create an organization’s vision and goal, it should be developed with togetherness. Having a different opinion is understandable, but it should not become a conflict trigger. We search and find the superiority of every distinction,” Prof Haedar said.

Muhammad Samsudin, the Vice-Secretary of Muhammadiyah Council for Higher Education, Research, and Development (CHERD); Isjoni, the Chairman of the Daily Advisory Board; Muhammad Job Kurniawan, the Government representative of the Education Office Chairman; Deny Asy’ari, the Chief Director of PT Syarikat Cahaya Media/Suara Muhammadiyah; Abdul Wahid, the Chairman of Muhammadiyah Province Board of Riau; Mr. Sholton, the President of Foundation for Quranic School, Thailand; and all educational personnel on campus attended the procession. [] UMRI / CHERD

Dr. Saidul Amin Officially Inaugurates Vice-Rectors of UMRI

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