UM Lampung Strengthens Relationship with LLDikti Regional II

The Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Lampung (UM Lampung), Dr Mardiana MPdI conducted an audience and strengthen the relationship with Higher Education Service Institutes (LLDikti) Regional II, Tuesday (19/04). LLDikti II is located in Palembang City. On this occasion, the Rector was accompanied by Vice Rector II, Emy Sri Purwani MSi, and Basrian Sugandi MPd as the Chairman of Public Relations.

The visitation aimed to introduce and strengthen the UML relationship with LLDikti. Because on Wednesday (30/03), Dr Mardiana MPdI had been inaugurated as UM Lampung Rector. She serves as the Rector since her inauguration conducted by Muhammadiyah Council for Higher Education Institutions for  2022-2026. Prof Yuliyansyah, the Chairman of LLDikti II, received the visitation of UM Lampung. Therefore, Dr Mardiana MPdI highly appreciated this occasion. “I appreciated receiving our visitation to strengthen our relationship. With the Vice-Rector UML, we have the intention to acknowledge more to maintain LLDikti and UML relationship,” said Dr Mardiana MPdI, as reported on UM Lampung site.

The visitation was located in the Consultation Room on the First Floor of LLDikti Regional II Palembang, South Sumatera. Prof Yuliansyah congratulated the inauguration of Dr Mardiana as the Rector of UML. “I expect that the communication and collaboration that we have built can increase,” he said. He also mentioned LLDikti’s intention to synergize with UML. UML should have a good quality higher education institution. “All data transitions should be met to be excellent. The basic requirements should be fulfilled comprising accreditation, Independent Accreditation Institution (LAM), and Human Resources,” said Prof Yuliyansyah.

UM Lampung Strengthens Relationship with LLDikti Regional II

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