Improving Quality, UMSU Has A New Professor

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (UMSU) held Open Senate Meetings of the Promotion of Prof. Dr. Elfrianto MPd as a professor in Education Management in the local campus, Thursday (8/7).

The Rector of UMSU, Prof. Agussani MAP, explained the increasing number of professors in UMSU strengthening the UMSU status as a private higher education institution with A-grade accreditation in Sumatera. He hoped that Prof Elfrianto could give his best contribution, especially in the education management development ahead. “It is in line with a map arranged. I was expecting that in the near future, UMSU will increase 5 more professors,” he said, as reported on Currently, UMSU has 52 associate professors and 21 assistant professors.

The Head of LLDIKTI North Sumatera, Prof. Dr. Ibnu Hajar MSi, also appreciated the professor’s promotion of Prof. Dr. Elfrianto would strengthen UMSU’s position as the best private institution. He also mentioned the importance of excellent resources that are innovative, creative, and from multiple disciplines. According to him, the education world faced globalization, the industrial revolution 4.0, and digitalization. He reminded the audience to pay more attention to the Golden Generation in 2045, which was excellent, innovative, and creative.

In response to the previous speech, Prof Elfrianto explained the three things to be focussed on independent learning. First, to have an intention to meet a recommendation and recommend others. Secondly, to express perspectives freely, and thirdly, to be free from fear. [] Diktilitbang

Improving Quality, UMSU Has A New Professor

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