20 Top Muhammadiyah Higher Education Institutions in Indonesia by uniRank

One of the world’s largest university ranking agencies, uniRank, has again released at least 580 of the best universities in Indonesia in 2023. Twenty Muhammadiyah ‘Aisyiyah Higher Education Institutions were listed by uniRank. Based on the data released through https://www.4icu.org/id/, below is the top 20 list of Muhammadiyah – ‘Aisyiyah universities of the 2023 Indonesian University Ranking:

  1. Uhamka
  2. UMM
  3. UMY
  4. UMS
  5. UAD
  6. UM Sumatera Utara
  7. UM Ponorogo
  8. UM Purworejo
  9. UM Surabaya
  10. Unimus
  11. UMJ
  12. UM Gresik
  13. Umsida
  14. UM Metro
  15. UM Purwokerto
  16. UM Makassar
  17. UM Riau
  18. UM Jember
  19. Unisa Jogja
  20. UM Palembang

UniRank™ currently includes higher education institutions worldwide that meet the following requirements:

  • Officially recognized, licensed and/or accredited by a national or regional body such as the Ministry of Higher Education or a government-recognized accreditation organization. 
  • Officially licensed or authorized to award at least four-year undergraduate degrees (Bachelor’s) and/or postgraduate degrees (S-2 and S-3). 
  • Provides higher education courses primarily in traditional face-to-face learning formats delivered through on-site facilities.

All University and College profiles are included and updated free of charge. In addition, UniRank is an international directory of higher education as well as an online search engine that reviews and ranks over 14,000 universities in 200 countries.

The current uniRank University ranking is based upon a web algorithm using 5 web matrix measures including iREG, Alexa Global Rank, Moz Domain Authority, SimiliarWeb Global Rank, and Majestic to ensure independence. Web matrix is an algorithm that is measured, among others, based on the number of website visitors or the level of activity on the website.

This ranking has been recognized and meets 3 uniRank selection criteria. First, it is licensed and/or accredited by an Indonesian higher education-related organization. Second, it offers at least a four-year undergraduate or postgraduate (master’s or doctoral) degree. Third, it delivers courses mostly in traditional, face-to-face education formats.

20 Top Muhammadiyah ‘Aisyiyah Higher Education Institutions in Indonesia by uniRank

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