‘Muhammadiyah Studies’ Discussion About Da’wah Muhammadiyah

Muhammadiyah Council Higher Education, Research, and Development (CHERD) held the Fifth Discussion Series of Muhammadiyah Studies. On this occasion, the discussion raised the Da’wah Muhammadiyah issue. In the implementation, Monday (3/6), the official CHERD Youtube account broadcasted the agenda. The resource persons consist of several researchers who received the research grant of the Covid-19 scheme. They were Suhendi Syam from UM Buton, Sitti Magfirah Makmur from UM Gorontalo, and Mursak from UM Sinjai. Meanwhile, Budi Asyari became the moderator for this occasion.

Previously, Lukman Hakim, as a speaker, explained a bit about the theme. Based on the existing theme, the discussion raised the role and strategy of the Muhammadiyah issue as an organization and Islamic civil society. “Especially about the contributions in local communities in handling the Covid-19 pandemic,” Lukman Hakin continued. Afterwards, Budi introduced the researchers one by one.

At first, Suhendi opened the research collaboration with Dina Komalasari and Muslim. The research entitled “The Muhammadiyah Role in Handling Covid-19 Pandemic Through Preventive, Persuasive, and Spiritual in the Southeast Sulawesi”. Afterwards, the research result of “Da’wah Management of Muhammadiyah Regional Board (PDM) Sinjai Regency in Covid-19 Pandemic”. It was a research result from Mursak and Kiki Rasmala Sani. Lastly, Sitti Magfirah Makmur presented her research entitled “The Contribution of Muhammadiyah Province Board (PWM) Gorontalo towards The Policy Governance of Gorontalo Government in Handling Covid-19 Pandemic,”

After the three researchers presented their research, Budi suggested several inputs for the researchers’ presentation to prioritize the research output information first. “It is beneficial to attract audience attention,” he said. Afterwards, the presentation session continued with the questions and answers and discussion.

‘Muhammadiyah Studies’ Discussion About Da’wah Muhammadiyah

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