Groceries Distribution of UM Palembang As Social Concern

The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) lecturer, Universitas Muhammadiyah Palembang (UM Palembang) distributed groceries assistance for the elderly, poor, and orphans in Palembang city, Thursday (06/05). The agenda was an implementation of community service programs. The market areas in Palembang became the grocery distribution location. The FEB lecturers designed a group for Sedekah Rombongan (a group charity) One Day One Thousand (ODOT).

Previously, the FEB lecturer team offered collaboration with Komunitas Lebah (Lebah Community), a community maintained by the FEB final-year students. This community helped the ODOT charity group to survey the elderly, poor, orphans, and orphanages data. Moreover, the community also arranged the technical grocery distribution. In their programs, as reported on the official UM Palembang site, Lebah Community also works in social community services.

Muhammad Fahmi, SE MSi, one volunteer in the ODOT charity group, mentioned the background of the agenda. The grocery distribution became a deep expression of gratitude from FEB lecturers, especially to celebrate Ramadan month 1442 H. Because Ramadan was an important moment to do good deeds as social concern and community services. Besides the grocery disbursement, the community also held an iftar gathering. Moreover, the ODOT charity group preferred positive activities to share with others. Respectively, Fitantina, Kholilah, and Kurnia were responsible in positions as the Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary of the ODOT charity group.

Groceries Distribution of UM Palembang As Social Concern

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