Exploring Local History by Department of History Science of UM Metro

Universitas Muhammadiyah Metro (UM Metro) held “Hunting History Metro Area” on Sunday (23/05). The agenda aimed to explore the traces of local history in Metro. The Department of History Science of UM Metro and historical activists also presented at the event. The campus ambassador of UM Metro, Aulia Mutiara Putri, attended the trace of history exploration and delivered a brief explanation of colonial history in Metro.

The exploration route includes Samber Park, Metro Public Work Services building, Merdeka Park of Metro City. The exploration was continued to the District Office, previously occupied for wedana (the officials in the Dutch era), and the house of Alm Joyoharjo. Lastly, the trace of history investigation had finished in an old rice mill of bedeng 21. The participants applied a strict health protocol by wearing masks and washing hands in the implementation.

The Lecturer of History Department UM Metro, Umi Hartati, explained that the agenda enhanced historical literacy competence. In his opinion, the exploration ensured participants tangibly understood the history. It was highlighted by the Chairman of the History Science Student Association, Utara Setia Nugraha. Afterwards, Utara mentioned the agenda as an impetus because of community involvement.

In his interview, as reported on UM Metro site, Utara explained the benefits of historical exploration. “The Hunting History might become a reference and a study material for the students and local community about the local history of Metro. I hope that the agenda will be continually conducted,” he said. The historical activist of Samber Park Metro, Marisa Meliana, shared information about Samber Park’s history. Moreover, the other activists also informed more. The communities involved were Metro Heritage, Beranda Desa, Pensil Bersejarah, Timurjo Heritage, and Arsenik.

Exploring Local History by Department of History Science of UM Metro

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