Unismuh Makassar Lecturer Became IPB Doctoral Examiner

Unismuh Makassar Lecturer caught public attention. He is a permanent lecturer in the Management Department of the Faculty of Economics and Business in Unismuh Makassar, Dr Sutardjo Tui, SE, MSi, that became an examiner on Open Examination for Doctoral Program (S-3) Postgraduate Schools of Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), Thursday (04/02), online.

Becoming an examiner from a private lecturer in private higher education outside Java was a challenge to Sutardjo. On the one hand, IPB ranked first among the top universities by the Indonesian Ministry for Education and Culture.

Sutardjo explained the open promotion of the doctoral degree to examine Aceng Kurniawan from Agriculture Industrial Technology. He defended his dissertation entitled “The Strategy of Profitability Improvement and Sustainability of Leather-Processing Industry By Zero-Interest Capital Structure”.

During the promotion examination, the Main Commission comprised the Chairman, Prof Dr Ir Sukardi, MM.with his members, Prof Dr Ir Nastiti Siswi Indrasti and Prof Dr Ono Suparno. Also, the members outside the commission comprised Dr Ir Ade Iskandar (IPB lecturer) and Dr Sutardjo Tui, SE, MSi (Unismuh Makassar lecturer).

The lecturer was born in Gorontalo in 1957 who approximately 30 years devoted as a BNI banker and became a former BNI leader in the Main Branch of Yogyakarta, Ambon, Parepare, and Sengkang.

He studied in STIE YPUP Makassar (Bachelor degree), STIA LAN Makassar (Master degree), Management Postgraduate Program of UMI Makassar (Doctoral degree) with cumlaude predicate in management. He started to be an extraordinary lecturer in 1996 and became a permanent lecturer in 2019.

Unismuh Makassar Lecturer Became IPB Doctoral Examiner

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