UMY Student Charity Concert in The 40th Anniversary Commemoration

The 2021 Student Charity Concert themed “UMY Kangen” on the Ground Floor of KH Ahmad Dahlan Mosque, Tuesday night (06/04) became the final commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). Students from various UMY Student Activity Units (UKM) became charitable fundraising concert performers.

With LazisMu’s collaboration, UMY initiated fundraising for various regions in Indonesia to disaster-affected areas. “Related to the Charity Concert, UMY provides assistance to the disaster victims in a couple of months ago and in the recent time. I hope all good deeds have been measured,” said Prof Dr Hilman Latief, PhD, UMY Vice-Rector of Student Affairs, Alumni, and Islamic and Muhammadiyah Studies.

Symbolically, UMY disbursed Rp 103.500.000 cash to LazisMu to help the victims affected by the disaster. At the same time, the donation for the 40th-anniversary commemoration still is open until 12 April 2021.

Moreover, competition winners should be announced from the last 1-27 March, which becomes a series of UMY Student Charity Concert 2021. Based on the committee data, the participants were enthusiastic about the concert, especially the students. It comprised the creative video challenge followed by 46 participants with 127.642 viewers, 92 participants in the photo challenges, and twibbon photo with a total of 26.923 likes, 17 videos in tiktok challenge with a total of 6.570.093 viewers, and 298 essays in online media for the writing contest.

According to Hilman, the agenda which has been conducted positively impacted UM Yogyakarta development because more people would discover UM Yogyakarta, the Global Youth campus. “The competitions are a little bit different than the previous year because we engaged students this year. The student creativity has been produced the number of video viewers from existing competition. It means that UM Yogyakarta has been more recognized by the broader community as this agenda was conducted,” he added. [] Public Relations of UM Yogyakarta

UMY Student Charity Concert in The 40th Anniversary Commemoration

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