UMPO Develops Social Inclusion-Based Library

For the Social Inclusion-Based Library Transformation, Library Service Agency (L2P) Universitas Muhammadiyah Ponorogo (UMPO) signed the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the Regional Library and Archive Office of Ponorogo. The collaboration aimed to widen the access and utilization of knowledge information sources to support Tridharma ‘three values’ Higher Education Institutions and improve the human resource quality in each agency.

The Head of Regional Library and Archive Office (Perpusda), Dwi Wuri Handayani, SSos, explained that the library was not only a place to borrow books but also had an essential role in national development. It was followed by the national program that runs by Perpusda Ponorogo to transform the Social Inclusion-based Library, where the communities also participated in various agendas. “The pro-active library can support the communities to develop soft-skills, self-confident, and social network. At this time, the library should transform for strengthening the role and function to not only become a place to archive and borrow books but also become alife-long learning support for the communities,” she admitted, as reported on the official UMPO site, Monday (15/11).

The Rector of UMPO, Dr Happy Susanto, MA added that UMPO Library with A accreditation predicate brings a positive impact as the collaboration offered by other parties. “It is in line with Muhammadiyah’s motto, Fastabiqul Khairat (To compete in Goodness). However, to establish the motto, we require partners to collaborate with,” he said.

Besides the Memorandum of Agreement signing located in UMPO Rectorate Hall, there was a Stakeholder Meeting themed “The Social Inclusion-based Library Transformation,” attended by various governmental and private institutions. [] UMPO / Diktilitbang

UMPO Develops Social Inclusion-Based Library

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