UMRI Clean Water Well For Sukaramai People

The Institute For Research and Community Service (LPPM) Universitas Muhammadiyah Riau (UMRI) established two units of a clean water well on Tuesday (08/06). The establishment collaborated with PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia (PT CPI). Both units are located in Tapung Hulu Mosque and Al-Mujahadah Mosque. By the establishment, the eager expectation to get clean water access of Sukaramai Village Tapung Hulu subdistrict, especially in the dry season, has been realized.

The inauguration was conducted in Tapung Hulu Mosque, invited Kampar Regent, H Catur Sugeng SH; the Head of Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas of Sumbagut, Rikky Rahmat Firdaus; the Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah, Dr H Mubarak MSi; the Corporate Affairs Asset South manager, Wan Dedi Yudhistira; and all local public figures. The official inauguration was held in a strict health protocol.

“It has been years for Tapung Hulu people to expect a clean water source for broader community access. Today, through PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia and UMRI made it happen. I hope the community can maintain and keep it well,” Catur said. The clean water supply for the community in Sukaramai Village, Tapung Hulu district, Kampar regency has been established through the Social Investigation Program CHERISH (Chevron Untuk Riau Sehat Sejahtera). The program was in line with the governmental efforts for economic recovery and promoting a healthy lifestyle in the Covid-needs towards clean water source19 pandemic, especially for Sukaramai people.

“I hope this facility’s existence can fill the daily needs towards clean water sources to support public health, especially in the pandemic. We ask for this facility to keep benefiting long-term use,” Wan Dedi Yudhistira said when he delivered the speech.

The Rector of UMRI mentioned that establishing a clean water source in Sukaramai Tapung Hulu was the third location from the program. “Previously, the program was conducted in Minas Barat and Minas Timur,” he said. He expected that the collaborative program with PT CPI could assist the clean water needs for communities, especially in conditions that require society to apply healthy and clean lifestyles.

UMRI Clean Water Well For Sukaramai People

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