UNIMMA Workshop Strengthens Researcher Eligibility

Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang (UNIMMA) conducted a workshop on Research Roadmap Arrangement to support the researcher eligibility on Friday (07/10). The workshop was a collaborative program with the Research and Community Service Communication Forum (FORKOM LPPM) of Central Java, LLDikti Regional VI. The online workshop invited 300 students from all representatives of the Research and Community Service Institute (LLPM).

The Chairman of LPPM UNIMMA, Dr. Retno Rusdijati MKes in learning and education, research and scientific publication, community service, and character education for researchers. “The workshop has various purposes, first, to optimize the role of lecturers in internal and external research programs. Second, to manage the research outputs so they will achieve academic expectations. Third, to evaluate the lecturer’s capacity in researching every topic of interest. Lastly, it aims to build a lecturer career based on their expertise,” Dr. Retno said.

Also attending the workshop, Prof Ir Muji Setiyo ST MT, the Engineering Faculty lecturer delivered his presentation. Prof Muji mentioned that research was one of four core values ‘Catur Dharma’ of Higher Education to overcome the problems in the advancement of technology and science, and material development. “The advantageous research will improve social welfare and educate people with more insight. It will be implemented by the lecturers as the main actor of this Catur Dharma,” he said.

UNIMMA Workshop Strengthens Researcher Eligibility

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