UNISA Bandung Blood Donation Raises Solidarity

Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Bandung (UNISA Bandung) held a blood donation program on Wednesday (09/08). The program that raised “Share Love, Donate Your Blood” in Halimun Hotel 36, Lengkong, Bandung collaborated with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Bandung to organize the blood donation.

The Public Relations of Student Executive Board (BEM) UNISA Bandung, Marchella, mentioned the background of the theme. According to her, the theme referred to human philanthropic acts for other people through blood donation. “We share our concern with other people by donating our blood. We hope that it is advantageous and supports the person who needs it. As Rasulullah p.b.u.h. stated ‘the best of mankind is that helpful to others,” Marchella said on Thursday (10/08). Therefore, the concept of ‘share love, donate your blood’ illustrated the concern in humanity and solidarity for other people.

It also implemented the work program of the Social Division in BEM to target communities in public, especially in Lengkong, Bandung. However, UNISA Bandung students, educational staff, lecturers, and many other institutions possibly participated in this blood donation. As reported, the program also aimed to support the one who needs a blood transfusion and strengthen a close relationship between the students and staff in UNISA Bandung.

UNISA Bandung Blood Donation Raises Solidarity

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