Involving 3,000 Students To Play Kentongan, UMP Breaks MURI Record

Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) broke another MURI Record in its student admission by organizing a musical performance with the most numerous kentongan in calung shape (Javanese bamboo xylophone). By raising the theme “Ronda Gugah Nagari”, the performance involved 3,000 incoming students and nine University boards located in Mas Mansoer yard, Monday (29/08).

The Student Council President, Abid Hanifi Samha mentioned that the MURI Record was supported by the freshmen to play the most numerous kentongan in a musical performance. There were five songs was presented, including Sang Surya Muhammadiyah, Perahu Layar, Baturaden, Linggamas, and Tanah Airku. “For the preparation, the committees prepared for two months, however, the participants only practiced for two days. The participants were trained to understand how to strike the kentongan and movement variation,” he said.

The selection of kentongan is due to persevere and introduce Indonesian and Banyumas culture to freshmen. “We raise nationalism as the theme, and love for the homeland. It is a part of several implementations in how we introduce the new students about Indonesian culture and in Banyumas, in particular,” he added.

Vice Rector III for the Student and Islamic and Muhammadiyah Studies, Darmawan SE MSi explained that the musical performance became one of the students’ concerns. “It is because kentongan is one of the cultural arts in Banyumas that usually follow the traditional songs, Banyumas song,” he said.

He continued that the MURI Record improved the number of records from UMP. The previous records include the most numerous investors of Sharia Stock in Higher Education institutions of the total of 2,000 investors in October 2016, the most numerous solutions for the nation in websites of the total of 10,308 solutions on 17 May 2017, and the most numerous sweet potato-ice cream of the total 3,210 glasses on 14 August 2019.

Involving 3,000 Students To Play Kentongan, UMP Breaks MURI Record

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