Muhammadiyah Scholarship Preparation Program Batch V

The Registration of Muhammadiyah Scholarship Preparation Program (MSPP) Batch V is Opened!

MSPP is a program organized by the Muhammadiyah Council for Higher Education Research and Development (CHERD). For this occasion, Muhammadiyah CHERD collaborates with Muhammadiyah Institute for Zakat, Infaq, Sadaqah (LazisMu), and Muhammadiyah Council for Cadre Education (MPK).

The program aims to elevate the preparation and abilities of Muhammadiyah’s prominent cadres. Moreover, it is expected the cadres can access the Master and Doctoral degree scholarship abroad, both Indonesia government scholarship and other scholarship offers.


  1. 3-month English Proficiency Course (IELTS) ,
  2. Accommodation and monthly living allowance during the course,
  3. Introduction and strategies in applying for a scholarship,
  4. Cadre ideological training,
  5. Incentives for IELTS registration fee,
  6. Scholarship and higher studies preparation coaching,
  7. Certification.


  • Publication: 29 August 2022
  • Registration: 29 August – 30 September 2022
  • Administrative Selection: 1-4 October 2022
  • Announcement I: 5-10 October 2022
  • Psychological Test: 11-15 October 2022
  • Interview: 16-31 October 2022
  • Announcement II: 6-10 November 2022
  • Baitul Arqam I: 4-9 December 2022
  • English Proficiency Course: 10 December 2022 – 10 March 2023
  • Baitul Arqam II: 11-13 March 2023
  • Coaching Practices: 14 March – 30 December 2023

For the registration, click the link here.

Click here to download the documents to be completed.

For the further information, please visit :

WhatsApp: +6282137364341 (Nadia) atau +6282340645926 (Fauzi)

Muhammadiyah Scholarship Preparation Program (MSPP) Batch V

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