Chairman of the Central Executive Muhammadiyah Din Syamsuddin said the youth should prove its role as the trust assets to continue the struggle of the nation, and not just as a reserve for regeneration.

“Youth should not just be a delegate, but also trustees,” he said on a symposium for clean elections in Jakarta, Thursday (24/10) night.

Din said Indonesian youth must rise from their bed to spin the wheel of leadership regeneration in the mid of global changings and dynamics.
1. din-syamsuddin
Youth groups should not be passive. They should move forward to ensure fairness of 2014 General Election, as a tool for democracy, he said.

“Presidential and legislative elections are a crucial moment for transition of generations. So, it’s time for ‘rejuvenating’ national leadership,” said the leader of the second largest Muslim organisations in Indonesia.

Youth need to oversee the integrity of constitution and to prevent distortion of the concept of nation that has been formulated by the founders of the nation for a long time ago.

By doing so, he added, the youth will be able to purse success in pro-moral politic and not just in pro-power politic.


Din Syamsuddin: Indonesian youth should wake up form their sleep

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