Mata Alam UM Kendari Promotes 770-Metre Flag Raising Ceremony

To commemorate 77th Indonesian Independence Day, a 770-meter flag was raised above Teluk Kendari Bridge, Southeast Sulawesi. It was promoted by the Student Association for Environmental and Adventure Activity (Mata Alam) Universitas Muhammadiyah Kendari (UM Kendari). Although it rained, it could not dampen the youth spirit that associated with various organizations to raise the Red-White flag in one iconic place in Kendari launched by President Jokowi last 2020.

The Chairman of Mata Alam UM Kendari, La Ode Izhar mentioned that the flag-raising ceremony had been discussed for weeks. On the 76th Independence Day, they raised a 76-meter long flag, while in the current year, they raised a 770-meter flag. Izhar targetted the flag ceremony as one of the longest flags in Southeast Sulawesi.

“Our next target is to break the MURI record in the following commemoration as our real expression of love to our campus, Southeast Sulawesi province, and our nations,” he said. He continued to realize the establishment of the Peace Monument in Kendari that the groundbreaking was attended by the Mayor. “We try to attract investors to this monument construction. As a symbol, the monument will recall a memory that Mata Alam and various collaborating institutions proclaimed unity in diversity through a 770-meter flag raising ceremony,” he said.

This ceremony was followed by various student associations in each department at UM Kendari, including the mining engineering student association, environmental engineering student association, architect student association, and civil engineering student association of UM Kendari.

Mata Alam UM Kendari Promotes 770-Metre Flag Raising Ceremony

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