UMMU Along With Six Campuses and Ministry of Health Collaborate To Develop Healthy Campus

Universitas Muhammadiyah Maluku Utara (UMMU), under the assistance of Universitas Airlangga that collaborated with the Ministry of Health, attended in the signing of commitment to collaboration in healthy campus development at Artotel Suites, Mangkuluhur, Jakarta in Gatot Subroto, Semanggi, Wednesday (21/12).

On this occasion, the Rector of UMMU, Prof Saiful Deni accompanied by the Head of Collaboration and Public Relations Bureau, Faujia Umasugi represented UMMU in the signing procession of the Ministry of Health program with a strong commitment to design healthy campus. This two-day activity (20-21/22) was opened with the 2022-2023 Community Empowerment Activity Plan on Campus and remarks by the UI Chancellor represented by drg. Nurtami, Ph.D., Sp,OF(K), the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation by emphasizing the role of campuses to create healthy campuses.

“The up-to-date data of students’ health conditions is causing concern. Many of them are obese and have early smoking initiation. As recorded, many students on campus are active smokers. Therefore, the development of a healthy campus can be carried out by building sports halls, developing a green campus, and the development of mental health in the campus”, she said.

drg. Nurtami’s statement was also emphasized by Prof. Dra. Yayi Suryo Prabandari, M.Si., Ph.D, the Chairwoman of Health Promoting University Network Indonesia, who highlighted the dangers of stunting. Afterwards, it was continued with the signing procession of a commitment to collaboration with each representative university.

In 2022, the Ministry of Health along with the support of six universities, namely the University Sumatra Utara, University Indonesia, Institut Pertanian Bogor, Universitas Gajah Mada, Universitas Airlangga, and Universitas Lambung Mangkurat and 20 assisted universities, one of which is UMMU, develop this healthy campus program. From several universities in North Maluku, UMMU is the only representative in this program. UMMU will share the best practice for other North Maluku campuses, with the assistance of Universitas Airlangga.

UMMU Along With Six Campuses and Ministry of Health Collaborate To Develop Healthy Campus

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