UMP Campaigns Mental Health on Webinar

Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) held a webinar about “Mental Health in Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era”, Monday (28/06). The webinar was a session from Diaphrahmaticus Festival 2021. The Student Executive Board (BEM) of the Faculty of Medical Science Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto became the webinar organizer. The webinar was conducted to celebrate the 2021 National Children Day.

The Vice-Chairman of BEM UMP, Falah Dinar, explained that the webinar aimed to elevate the community’s knowledge, insight, and awareness. The increase of understanding related to the negative impacts of gadgets on children’s and adults’ mental health. “Then, together, we persuade people to notice and actively participate in preventing the negative impacts of gadgets and the internet,” he said as reported on the official UMP site. According to Falah, the webinar was conducted online through Zoom Meeting.

The resource persons on the webinar consisted of dr Prima Maharani Putro, the Chairman of SDC UMP, and dr Yuni Astria SpA, a pediatrician. She also usually writes content in @tentanganakofficial. Moreover, the other speaker was Kak Seto, the Institute for Indonesian Children Protection (LPAI) chairman, and Dr dr Warih Andan Puspitosari MSc SpKj (K), RisingStar Psychiatrist Award-IMAN. The webinar was led by dr Citra D Zealand, also FK UMP alumni.

In addition, Falah expected the webinar could increase community awareness. “The Covid-19 pandemic can not restrain us from decreasing internet addiction and increase the productivity of children and adults in the pandemic,” he said. Besides this webinar, UMP also held Sports Video Competition and Art Video Competition. “Hopefully, all series of events can provide knowledge and awareness of broader society in the importance of technology utilization wisely, so they are also concerned about the children’s mental health,” Falah concluded.

UMP Campaigns Mental Health Awareness on Webinar

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