Entrepreneurial Webinar Invites Speakers from Unismuh Makassar

One of Universitas Muhammadiyah Makassar (Unismuh Makassar) became a resource person on an entrepreneurial webinar on Friday (01/04). Muhammad Ikbal SPi, MSi, the Vice-Dean III for the Agricultural Faculty Unismuh Makassar, delivered materials about the business idea by “How To Turn Hobby Into Business?”. The webinar entitled “Sharing Session Entrepreneurship 2022” was conducted semi-virtual by the Entrepreneurial Studies Center (Puswira) of Taruna Polytechnic KP Sorong.

Muhammad Ikbal started his material by highlighting the danger of consumptive culture. Because according to Ikbal, Indonesian people are quite consumptive. “Whereas people with consumption behavior tend to fill their needs by buying things. They never think to create or produce the things,” said Ikbal, as reported on the Unismuh Makassar site. Besides becoming the Vice-Dean III, he also becomes Master Mentor of Digital Acceleration for MSME Assistance (SIGAP UMKM).

Afterwards, he suggested turning consumption into a productive culture. He also continued that technological development has a role in integrating the culture. “Rapid technological development and information surplus become opportunities to create various works. So we can develop entrepreneurial motivation through digital platforms,” said Ikbal.

Besides Muhammad Ikbal, the Head of Puswira of Polytechnic KP Sorong, Dr. Ismail MSi also presented his material about design thinking. Meanwhile, the Director of Polytechnic KP Sorong, Amir M Suruwaky MSi, opened the agenda.

Entrepreneurial Webinar Invites Speakers from Unismuh Makassar

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