On the 20th Anniversary, STKIP ‘Aisyiyah Riau invites to Rise to Every Challenges

The College of Education and Teacher Training (STKIP) ‘Aisyiyah Riau held its 20th anniversary on Monday (05/09). The commemoration was an appreciation of the establishment of STKIP ‘Aisyiyah Riau in 2002, twenty years ago. The ‘Sempena Milad 20 STKIP ‘Aisyiyah Riau’ commemoration raises the theme ‘To Raise and Be Optimistic”. The theme portrayed the long struggle of STKIP ‘Aisyiyah Riau to face all challenges.

In the Sempena Milad, STKIP ‘Aisyiyah Riau invited various parties, including the Muhammadiyah Provincial Board (PWM) of Riau; Aisyiyah Provincial Board (PWA), the Boards of Mega Sharia Bank; the Boards of PT Pegadaian; the UMRI Chancellor; the autonomous organizations in Muhammadiyah; the Headmasters of Kindergarten both private and public school; the Headmasters of ‘Aisyiyah Kindergarten, Muhammadiyah Schools from Elementary to High School; and ‘Aisyiyah Council for Primary to Secondary Education (Dikdasmen); and the former Chairman of STKIP from the first period to 2021; and the Chairman from other public higher education institutions, especially the collaborative partner.

The theme “To Raise and Be Optimistic” was expected to encourage the communities to face all problems and challenges. To raise is to stand strong in every obstacle in life and believe everything will be better. Meanwhile, to be optimistic means to see everything comprehensively and better to look at the bright side to grow the positive affirmation in everything and we will learn the lesson from everything that happens.

On the 20th Anniversary, STKIP ‘Aisyiyah Riau invites to Rise to Every Challenges

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