Ramadhan Roadshow of Unmuh Babel

The Institute for Islamic and Muhammadiyah Studies (LSIK) Universitas Muhammadiyah Bangka Belitung (Unmuh Babel) conducted the Ramadhan Roadshow of Unmuh Babel 1442 H themed “To strengthen faith in the pandemic by sharing in Ramadhan 1442 H”. The roadshow was started with gathering (silaturrahim) with Rhaudatus Sholihin Mosque leaders and prayers in Air Gegas Village, Air Gegas district, South Bangka Regency, Friday (16/04).

KH Hasan Rumata, as the Chairman of the Daily Advisory Board (BPH) Unmuh Babel, delivered his Islamic sermon and disseminated groceries packages to 22 underprivileged families around Rhaudatus Sholihin, Air Gegas Village. The symbolic distribution of the Al-Qur’an package, cash assistance for orphans was handed over to the participants. On this occasion, Unmuh Babel also shared New Student Enrolment (PMB), Unmuh Bangka Belitung, in 2020/2021 with applying the Covid-19 protocols. Afterwards, the agenda was continued by a social gathering session.

Besides the Chairman of BPH Unmuh Bangka Belitung, the Institute for Islamic and Muhammadiyah Studies (LSIK) Unmuh Bangka Belitung, lecturers, academic staff Unmuh Babel, community and religious figures, the village secretary, and other government officials also attended the meeting. The Chairman of LSIK Unmuh Bangka Belitung, Adi Saputra MPdI, admitted that in the future, a similar agenda would be conducted in several mosques in the Bangka regency, Central Bangka and West Bangka. “InsyaAllah, I ask your blessing for the implementation of Ramadan Roadshow Unmuh Bangka Belitung 1442 H to run well in all regions, as we all expected,” said Adi.

Ramadhan Roadshow of Unmuh Babel

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