Rangga Adam Punjabi, an Outstanding UMSIDA Karate Athlete

His name is Rangga Adam Punjabi, a psychology student of Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo (UMSIDA) who brought a good reputation in Karate competition, Yogyakarta Open Tournament 2022. The competition held in the middle of October became his dozenth victory. He won the first place in the men’s Kata Individual category and the second place in the men’s Kumite 60 kilos individual. In the championship, approximately one thousand participants followed to fight.

Rangga Adam mentioned that several competitions that he has followed made him aware of the competitive atmosphere. “Moreover, the other reasons are to increase the record of achievement and to encourage friends, especially in the Karate student activity unit,” he said. He also received prize money from winning that he used to pay the tuition fee and savings.

Due to his busy schedule to study in UMSIDA, he carefully organized his time in studying and practicing Karate. In addition, he was appointed to be a Psychology Laboratory assistant in his department. To perform optimally, he determined his routine schedule to practice, followed his coach, and got an optimum nutrient intake.


Rangga’s Achievements

Currently, Rangga who is the seventh semester has bagged various medals and awards, including:

  1. The first place of men’s Kata Individual category in National Karate Virtual Competition UNJ Cup, Jakarta in 2021.
  2. The second place of men’s senior Kata Individual in Shinjin International Championship in Central Java.
  3. The third place of men’s Kata Individual category in Young Guns International Virtual Competition in Bandung, 2021.
  4. and many other achievements.
Rangga Adam Punjabi, an Outstanding UMSIDA Karate Athlete

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