UM Jakarta Public Lecture Discusses Consumer Protection

Universitas Muhammadiyah (UM) Jakarta held a Public Lecture from the National Consumer Protection Agency (BPKN) on Tuesday (27/09). The public lecture raised “The Role of National Consumer Protection of the Republic of Indonesia (BPKN RI) in protecting Indonesian consumers”. In the lecture, various parties attended including the Advocacy Commission Office, Dr. Rolas B Sitinjak SH MH; the Dean of Law Faculty (FH), Dr. Dwi Putri Cahyawati SH MH and her boards, and nearly a hundred academia civitas of FH UM Jakarta. It aimed to ensure consumer protection as a part of human resources who understand the legal terms.

The public lecture was also conducted hybrid, both in Zoom Meeting and the Legal and Moot Court building. In her remarks, Dr Dwi Putri Cahyawati, SH.MH as the Dean of Law Faculty mentioned that the Public Lecture aimed to share the role of BPKN RI in protecting consumers in human equity. “I hope that Pak Rolas’s attendance will receive inputs about ‘what is BPKN RI?’ or ‘Why does BPKN RI exist?’ and ‘How is the implementation of BPKN RI in providing equal consumer protection to communities?’ because the demand is to understand complaints and resolution. Moreover, you can understand who needs the right to receive consumer protection,” Dwi said.

The Advocacy Commission Office of BPKN RI, Dr. Rolas B. Sitinjak, SH., MH delivered his materials starting with consumer protection philosophy and history, especially BPKN RI. Rolas also explained the forbidden acts of business owners to consumers. According to him, there were six important points in ensuring consumer protection, including standardization, information, the way to sell, breaking the contracts, and marketing guidelines. Six points earlier have been mentioned in Verse 8-18 of the Consumer Protection Law. Furthermore, Rolas also gave a study case of Ibu Zubaedah as a consumer. She lost her house due to a culprit as a business owner. Rolas emphasized, “In fact, it (Ibu Zubaedah’s case) must not happen. The government should ensure consumers have their protection rights,” he said.

UM Jakarta Public Lecture Discusses Consumer Protection

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