UMJ Students Provide Counseling for Hepatitis

Medical Science students of the Faculty of Medical and Health Science (FKK), Universitas Muhammadiyah Jakarta (UMJ) provide counseling services on Sunday (13/11). Their lecturers, who are also specialty doctors, also attended the counseling about acute hepatitis. They also provide free medical check-ups and prescriptions in Pondok Pesantren (boarding school) Al-Fathonah, Cirebon.

The current Community Service program of the UMJ lecturers and students raised the theme “Counseling of Acute Hepatitis and Health Screening to Break the Chain of Transmission and Elevate the Health Condition of Teachers and Students in Pondok Pesantren Al-Fathonah, Cirebon”.

The team consisted of four specialty doctors, including Dr. dr. Tri Ariguntar, Sp.PK, the Head of the Medical Science department; Dr. dr. Rahmini Shabariah, Sp.PA; dr. Tri Wahyuni, Sp.PK; Dr. dr Lailan Safina Nasution, M.Si.Med; and one lecture of Public Health, Dr. Nurfadhillah, SKM., MKM. Besides the lecturers, the team also consisted of three Medical Science students comprised Fida Alia Shabrina, Eveline Alya Raushan Dhamir, and Ibrahim. They were also accompanied by five education personnel of FKK UMJ.

dr.Tri Ariguntar mentioned that it was a routine program from the department. On this occasion, they raised Hepatitis as the main topic. “We can not let inaccurate information about hepatitis spread to communities. Therefore, we need this health counseling to break the chain of Acute Hepatitis transmission that Indonesia has higher cases of hepatitis,” he said.

This counseling had a positive response from the Chairman of Pondok Pesantren Al-Fathonah. The delegation of the school, Ust. Amir Ibrahim SE and the Village Head of Kudukeras, Endi Kuswandi attended the program. On this occasion, the teachers, students, and the communities nearby followed the presentation about acute hepatitis. Over 100 participants joined the medical check-up in Pondok Pesantren Al-Fathonah, Kudukeras, Babakan, and Cirebon.

UMJ Students Provide Counseling for Hepatitis

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