UMPAR Secured Funds To Assist Internal Research

To support research and community service, UM Parepare (UMPAR) agreed to sign a contract to set up almost 1 Billion funds for internal use. The sign procession has been conducted by UMPAR leaders with Community Service (PKM) initiators. They secured 700 million for University Income and expenditure (APBU) Grant and 196 million for RisetMu Grant.

The Head of Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) UMPAR, Dr Iradhatullah Rahim, S.P., M.P reported eighty-two proposals have been accepted by LPPM which were comprised of 7 different faculties in UMPAR. From 82 proposals, 63 proposals were passed to get the research funding in the 2022 financial year. “There are 82 proposals that have been received from 7 faculties in UMPAR. From 82 proposals, 63 have passed the selection process to achieve research grant,” said Iradhatullah, Friday (14/01).

UMPAR lecturers were required to provide outputs from the funding. The research output and PKM activities include registering Intellectual Property Rights (HKI), publishing articles, books, and videos to be a requirement for a second disbursement. These outputs could increase UMPAR clusterization in higher education institutions. “We are highlighting the lecturers’ responsibility to provide the output from the funding. The output can elevate UMPAR’s clusterization for higher education institution grade,” said the Vice-Rector I UM Parepare, Asram A.T. Djadda, M.H.

The Rector of UM Parepare, Dr Muh Nasir S, M.Pd expected the research grant would be a starting point for research in various grants, especially the Ministry of Education and Culture research grant and the government grant. The Rector also mentioned the two faculties collaborating internationally with the Philliphine’s campus. He hoped that the grant also could enhance the number of professors in UMPAR.

UMPAR Secured Funds To Assist Internal Research

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