UMSU Welcomes a Visit of The US Cultural Attache

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (UMSU) is actively expanding its international collaboration. On Sunday, (4/12) yesterday, UMSU welcomed a visit from the US Cultural Attaché represented by Emily Yasmin Noris. According to Vice Chancellor III, Dr Rudianto, this visit was special because UMSU could obtain a lot of information about cooperation in America. Previously, UMSU had collaborated with the US parties including the presence of nativedeen and RELO (Regional English Language Office) who became guest lecturers at UMSU.

“America is a country with the best education management in the world. UMSU must take advantage of this to learn and work together,” said Rudianto. On the other hand, Rudianto said that UMSU also can provide America with a comprehensive picture of Indonesia’s diverse culture. Rudianto also appreciated that UM Sumatra Utara had been involved in the US-Asean University Connective Initiative Program. He hoped that the collaboration that will be carried out later becomes an internationalization program for UM Sumatra Utara in the future. “Another important part is that the collaboration between UMSU and America can be an acculturation so it doesn’t have to be related to research,” explained Rudianto.

Emily Yasmin also gave her appreciation when she visited UMSU. She received a lot of information about the North Sumatra culture during the visit. She also emphasized that the United States opens opportunities and good cooperation between America and Indonesia, especially in education and culture. For this opportunity, Emily mentioned various information that can also be accessed on various social media platforms and the official website of the United States Embassy. “I also hope that the visit to UM Sumatra Utara can strengthen the active cooperation between Indonesia and the United States,” she explained. The Cultural Attaché’s visit was marked by a discussion in the podcast room and the giving of souvenirs of ulos, the traditional Tenun fabric of the Batak people of North Sumatra.

UMSU Welcomes a Visit of The US Cultural Attaché

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