UMY Initiates Discussion Camp for Research Proposal

The Institute for Research and Innovation of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (LRI UMY) held a Camp for Research Proposal Discussion of the Directorate of Research, Technology and Community Service (DRTPM) in Alana Hotel, Saturday (05/02). The discussion aimed to prepare the research grant of DRTPM.

Besides the preparation, the Discussion Camp also intended to improve proposal quality and maintain UMY’s position as an independent cluster. “In the current year, ninety-three lecturers have applied for DRTPM research. UMY targeted in improving DRTPM grant research quantity to increase 10% than the previous year,” said Prof. Dr. Dyah Mutiarin, M.Si, the Head of LRI UMY. Approximately thirty-seven proposals had been funded in the previous year. In this year, Prof Dyah expects fifty proposals will be passing the selection process.

To reach the target of grant research quantity, various strategies should be implemented. It begins with associating the indicator of lecturer performance, study program performance, and the lecturers’ duty for research. “First, we allude to research as the indicator of lecturer performance, so that we encourage the lecturer to get the funding. Second, we connect the study program performance with the number of researchers that receive funding. Third, the lecturers’ duty as researchers can elevate their functional position. Undoubtedly, the lecturers should conduct research, and to be a good researcher, they should meet criteria to get research grants from external parties, for instance, the DRTPM,” she added. [] UMY / Diktilitbang

UMY Initiates Camp for Research Proposal Discussion

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