MHEIs Collaboration In National Webinar

Universitas Muhammadiyah Palangka Raya (UMPR) organized a collaborative webinar on Thursday (21/04) from six different Muhammadiyah-’Aisyiyah Higher Education Institutions (MHEIs). The fourth series of webinars entitled “Technology and National Revival” was placed in UMPR Main Hall. The Rector, Vice-Rector I, Vice-Rector II, and Vice-Rector III attended the webinar offline. Meanwhile, the resource persons and participants presented both online and offline.

The Rector of UMPR, Dr Sonedi, MPd opened the webinar in front of 500 participants from all over Indonesia. Afterward, in his remarks, he explained that the collaborative programs between six different institutions illustrated the advancement of technology. “The advancement of technology in the Covid-19 pandemic creates this kind of agenda. A webinar with various speakers and participants from MHEIs in several regions,” he said, as reported on the UMPR site.

The speakers presented on the webinar were Dr Chandra Anugrah Putra MIKom from UMPR; Dr Prantasi Harmi Tjahjanti SSi MT from UM Sidoarjo; Prof Ir Sarjito MT PhD from UM Surakarta; Sayekti Harits Suryawan MKom from UMKT; Lukman Hakim ST MT from UM Surabaya, and Dr Juwita ST MT dari UM Purwokerto. After the speakers presented their materials, the certificates of appreciation were given online. The closing agenda was continued by taking photos of the speakers and participants.

Raise Technology Theme, MHEIs Collaboration In National Webinar

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