Vice-Rector UMGO Inaugurates Red Cross Committee

The Vice-Rector III of Universitas Muhammadiyah Gorontalo (UMGO) directly inaugurated the Red Cross committee on Thursday (21/04). The UKM KSR PMI 02 committee is the Community Health Unit for the Indonesian Red Cross Society (PMI). The inauguration was placed in the Haryono Suyono building, Second Floor, the Research and Community Service Institute (LP2M) UMGO. The Vice-Rector III, Dr. Apris Ara Tolome SAg MSi highlighted the importance of mental preparation in carrying out the duties. This mental preparation was required for red cross members due to their humanitarian mission.

“The members inaugurated should prepare to cope with adversity, both in organization challenges and natural disaster responses,” said Dr. Apris as reported on the UM Gorontalo site. He also emphasized they should contribute to campus development as one of the student activity units in UM Gorontalo.

The representative of PMI Gorontalo Province, Yahya Djafar Ibrahim, appreciated the regeneration of UKM KSR PMI 02 UMGO. “UKM KSR in UMGO, annually, always recruits cadres. It illustrates the continual regeneration of cadres,” said Yahya in front of the committee.

Similar to Yahya, Bobi Ridwan Hasan, the PMI Gorontalo Region representative also explained that UM Gorontalo was responsive to sending volunteers. It undoubtedly reflected the UKM KSR PMI 02 UMGO roles. “In every urgent demand for personnel, UKM KSR PMI 02 UMGO is always responsive,” he said.

Vice-Rector UMGO Inaugurates Red Cross Committee

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