Welcomed by Mayor of Krabi, UMMU sent 15 Delegations to International KKN Program

The International KKN to Krabi, Southern Thailand and Internship students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Maluku Utara (UMMU) were officially released by the Chancellor. The procession was held in UMMU Rectorate on Tuesday (10/01/2023).

For the fourth batch, the delegation of the students was the highest among other batches for 15 students. They would serve for a month in Krabi Province through the Thailand Association. They were accompanied by the Head of the Bureau for Cooperation and Public Relations of UMMU, Faujia Umasugi., S.Pd., M.Pd and officially released by the Chancellor of UMMU, Prof. Saiful Deni.S.Ag., M.Sc.

The departure from Ternate passed Jakarta and Malaysia and continue to Thailand. According to the interview, the UM Maluku Utara students departed together with four other campuses and the handover procession was held by the campus to the Association. This program has been running since 2018 and UM Maluku Utara hopes the program will have constant improvements to networking, relations and coordination both nationally and internationally.

The handover procession of UMMU International KKN students was welcomed by the Mayor of Krabi, the President of the Association and other school leaders in Eakakap School along with 5 other campuses who also arrived on the same day. The Head of the UMMU Cooperation and Public Relations Bureau, who was also the student mentor, also delivered remarks by mentioning that this year, UMMU contributed the highest number of students. “On this agenda, UMMU has had this international collaboration program since 2018 and has been very active until today. In 2023, we send 15 student delegations,” she said.

Welcomed by Mayor of Krabi, UMMU Sent 15 Delegations to International KKN Program

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