The Rapid Growth In International Student Enrollments At UMY

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) owns another remarkable achievement. This year, enormous numbers of foreign applicants that reached 1.411 International students from 59 countries applied for becoming the ‘Global Youth’ campus students. It is evidence that UMY was capable of attracting attention to prospective International students despite the pandemic.

Yordan Gunawan, SH.,MBA.MH mentioned the increase of the International student applicants reached one hundred percent from the previous year. “Alhamdulillah, in 2022, the number of international student applicants increased significantly. In 2019, 190 prospective students applied. Meanwhile, in 2021, it was inclined to 601 International students from 49 different countries. In the current year, it reached 1.411 Internal students who enrolled at UMY from 59 countries,” said the Head of UMY International Affairs Office.

He also reported that 245 students come from Afghanistan, while 129 students are from Angola. In addition, 90 students are from Yemen and around 60 students come from Pakistan and Nigeria. “While for the other countries, including the United States, Turkiye, Tunisia, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Russia, Poland students were also registering. The increase of the foreign student applicants in UM Yogyakarta becomes one prideful achievement for UM Yogyakarta that obtains a high International reputation,” he added.

To support International student improvement, UM Yogyakarta provides the International Student Admission Center in the Admission Bureau. UMY also provides an integrated Information System Management (SIM) for foreign students that facilitates prospective students in enrolling. “The system transformation influences the increase of foreign students’ enrollment in UM Yogyakarta,” said Dr. Imam Suprabowo, S.Sos.I., M.Pd.I, UMY Admission Bureau.

Imam also explained that shortly, they would prepare varied facilities to ease information access for International students. “In the following years, the foreign students currently studying in UMY can promote our university by informing students in their home that there is one top private higher education institution in Indonesia that readily accommodates International students, namely UMY,” he highlighted. [] CHERD /UMY

The Rapid Growth In International Student Enrollments At UMY

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