UM Buton Communication Science Achieved Good Accreditation Predicate

UM Buton increased the number of good accreditation predicates recently achieved by the Communication Science Study Program through the National Accreditation Body for Higher Education (BAN-PT) Number 10637/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/IX/2021. The Study Program Accreditation Certificate is valid for 5 years, from September 7th, 2021 until 2026. The field assessment was conducted online by using APS 4.0 instruments which have 9 accreditation criteria.

“The accreditation of UM Buton Communication Science Study Program uses APS 4.0 instruments with 9 accreditation criteria. It emphasizes the outcome not in the process as in the 7 standard instruments. Moreover, the assessment by the assessor reviewed and assessed the final result of practices both in the established strategic plan and how the process of internal quality assurance cycle was operated,” said Ansar Suherman, Head of Communication Science Study Program of UM Buton.

Anwar Sadat as Vice Dean of FISIP UM Buton added that the accreditation predicate is followed by the human resource improvement to assure the Study Program quality. “The improvement mainly on the doctoral lecturers and those who minimum in lector position, also the students’ achievement in the International competition,” he said. Moreover, the student quality would be achieved through student graduation achievement from the curriculum and the Faculty’s vision and mission. To plan the future of FISIP, The Study Program Management Unit (in Faculty) designed the strategy to increase student courage. “By the Communication Science accreditation, we can assure the teaching, learning and facilities quality and the learning achievement,” he continued as reported on the official UM Buton site, Wednesday (15/09).

The Communication Education Study Program is the new study program established in 2017 and succeeded in achieving the good accreditation predicate in 4 years. The achievement results from hard work from all of the Communication Education lecturers altogether with the task force team, students, and all of the leaders. [] Diktilitbang

UM Buton Communication Science Achieved Good Accreditation Predicate

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