UM Palopo Sends Athletes to Pre-POR Prov XVII

Several students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Palopo (UM Palopo) joined the departure of the Pre-Province Sports Week (Pre-POR Prov) contingent on Monday (13/12). Twelve people were included in this contingent; the four were UM Palopo students. Later, the delegation should compete at Pre-POR Prov, which would be conducted on Friday-Monday, (17-19/12).

The twelve athletes comprised one official coach and eleven athletes. In the Pre-POR Prov location, they would compete with other regions. Moreover, the championship contested a ticket for POR Prov XVII the following year.

The contingent left from the KONI office, Palopo city, to Makassar city. The Chairman of Indonesia National Sports Committee (KONI) Palopo city, Hairul Salim SP, released the contingent. They were affiliated as the Anggar sports branch Palopo city (IKASI) Palopo.

The Chief of IKASI Palopo city, Suhandra Makkassau, also accompanied the Chairman of KONI to release the contingent. He, familiarly known as Ellunk, expected that all athletes should compete optimally to get a great result. Afterwards, he also mentioned the commitment to provide rewards for the athletes who passed in POR Prov XVII 2022. “InsyaAllah, if anyone qualified in POR Prov, we will give them rewards,” he said, as reported on the Universitas Muhammadiyah Palopo official site.

UM Palopo Sends Athletes to Pre-POR Prov XVII

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