UMKLA Webinar, Discussing Income From Instagram

Communication Science Department, Universitas Muhammadiyah Klaten (UMKLA) held a webinar raising the theme “How to Make Money on Instagram ”, Friday (08/07). The webinar was organized by the collaboration of the Communication Science department, UMY, and Rumah Media Yogyakarta. Several speakers delivered their materials, including Dr. Fajar Junaedi, M.Si, the Chairman of Communication Science UMY as Keynote Speakers, and Khusnul Amalin, M.I.Kom, media social practitioner and Communication Science lecturers, UMKLA.

The webinar was conducted in the establishment of two concentrations in UMKLA, digital public relations and digital advertising. In the remarks, Dani Kurniawan, M.I.Kom, the Chairman of Communication Science UMKLA mentioned that Instagram has become one of the media platforms in the digital ecosystem. The platform is commonly used as narcissistic media to post photos and videos. “But, Instagram potentially boosts income, so the webinar can be a guide in making money,” he said.

The data mentioned by Fajar Junaedi showed that Instagram is currently used by over 1 billion people (Marketer, 2021). Besides personal use, Instagram becomes a Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Customer (B2C) platform. Also, Instagram is advantageous due to its engagement being 4 times higher than Facebook. Interestingly, 71 percent of American people have succeeded in running the business through Instagram. Instagram also has an advertisement section that grew to 113 percent from February 2018 to February 2019. Therefore, Mas Jun, his familiar name, mentioned that to make money on Instagram, some people should own content planning and use the right hashtag.

In addition, Khusnul Amalin, M.I.Kom. explained that Instagram becomes a star platform for producing income, both passive income, and active income. It is supported by providing a neat and interesting showcase. “So people prefer to sell their products on IG,” she said. Furthermore, Alin, her familiar name, explained several ways to make money, including product reviews, open paid promotion/endorsement, preloved sale, personal shopper, and affiliate programs. “So, the key to success is content planning and copywriting,” she said. [] UMKLA / CHERD

UMKLA Webinar, Discussing Income From Instagram

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