UNAMIN 18th Commencement Released 11.770 Graduates

UM Sorong (UNAMIN) held an Open Senate Meeting in conducting the 18th Commencement for Bachelor program. The graduation was conducted in RK 763 Vira Yudha Sakti Auditorium, Sorong, Wednesday (22/06). Two hundred and thirty-three graduates from 7 faculties attended the first period of Graduation with Nurhalizah Zulkarnain Juma from the Law department as valedictorian. According to Dr. H Muhammad Ali MM MH, the Rector of UNAMIN, the valedictorian graduates in three years and six months.

The commencement indicated that 11.770 students have graduated and become Alumni. They were ready to be absorbed in varied companies, government, and educational institutions in Papua, West Papua, and many other regions. “UNAMIN continues to try in producing qualified graduates who have competencies in their field. It is a commitment of UNAMIN in enhancing achievement in academic and non-academic,” he said. Furthermore, UNAMIN has also established three more departments, including Elementary School Teacher Study Program (PGSD), Environmental Engineering, and Accounting.

In his remarks, the Chairman of Muhammadiyah Council for Higher Education, Research, and Development (CHERD), Prof Lincolin Arsyad MSc Phd expected that UNAMIN would build and strengthen the graduates’ competitiveness, especially the indigenous people of Papua to contribute to communities, nations, and country. The Chairman of Higher Education Service Institutes (LLDikti) Regional XIV for Papua and West Papua, Dr Suriel S Mofu SPd MEd TEFL MPhil (Oxon), hoped that the graduates also became Transformational Agents for communities. “We appreciate UNAMIN for providing opportunities to indigenous people in Papua pursuing studies,” he added.

UNAMIN 18th Commencement Released 11.770 Graduates

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