Eleven ITB Ahmad Dahlan Students Qualified for MSIB 2022

Eleven students of the Institute for Technology and Business Ahmad Dahlan (ITB Ahmad Dahlan) are qualified for the Internship and Certified Independent Studies Program (MSIB) of Independent Campus Year 2022 organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbud Ristek). They are eight students from Engineering and Design Faculty, Information Technology and  System Department, and three students from the Economic and Business Faculty, Management and Accountancy program.

Each student follows the Internship and Certified Independent Studies Program through various organizing partners in PT Syncore Indonesia, PT Presentologics, PT Lentera Bangsa Benderang, PT Ruang Raya Indonesia and Universitas Terbuka. Dr Pitri Yandri, MSi, as the Head of Institute for Independent Learning-Independent Campus Service (LLMBKM) ITB Ahmad Dahlan explained that by following the MSIB program, the students would experience the work duties and gain the recognition of 20 credit units. “The extra point from this internship and independent studies program academically is the student will gain recognition of 20 credit units. It is regulated by the Ministry of Education and the conversion to certain subjects depends on each department,” said Yandri.

Furthermore, Yandri mentioned the MSIB Program as similar to studying in class; however, it would be directly delivered in companies based on each company’s hard-skill and soft-skill development. Experts would assist the students and evaluate the progress that can be seen by their supervisors on campus. “Later, at the end of the program, students can take a certification test and receive their certificate of competence. Each company will direct them there. Another benefit is in the initial socialization, the Ministry mentioned that the company will recruit 76 percent students that have achievements,” he said.

The qualification of eleven students from ITB Ahmad Dahlan in the MSIB Program of Independent Campus was expected to encourage other students in ITB Ahmad Dahlan to follow their seniors. It is because the Independent Learning-Independent Campus (MBKM) program can elevate the rank of students and institutions. “We hope that our students will actively participate in the following MBKM program. It is beneficial for them to add values outside academic skills because students’ competence should meet their needs. Link and match are not only in industrial occupations and the work sector, but also it is required in the future rapid development,”

Eleven ITB Ahmad Dahlan Students Qualified for MSIB 2022

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